As a small business owner, you understand the importance of effective communication to help achieve our business goals.

With 3CX, you can communicate internally (within your company) and externally (with the outside world), using Voice over IP.

3CX is an open-platform, software VoIP phone system that works with popular IP Phones and SIP trunks on either the cloud or on-premise. The app also provides features like call transfers, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus, and call queues.

3CX is free for up to 16 sim calls and for larger installations, it is available at one low yearly price. You have complete freedom of where to install your PBX and which SIP trunks or IP phones to use – saving you thousands per year on your business phone system.

It gets even better, you can setup 3CX in minutes – in the cloud using our PBX Express tool or using the wizard for on-premise installs.


On-Premise – On Appliance or Virtualized

You decide where to run 3CX. Run the system on an existing server using Hyper-V, VMware or KVM.

You can also run smaller installations on a low-cost PBX appliance from Intel NUC, Shuttle, Zotac Zbox & Gigabyte and easily move your office phone system to another server or into the cloud using built-in backup and restore.


In the Cloud – with YOUR Cloud Provider

With 3CX, you can also self-host with popular cloud providers offering standard Linux VPS.

You also get to pay a low monthly fee per PBX rather than an inflated price per extension and stay away from long-term contracts or outsource to a managed 3CX hosting partner.

You can read more on running 3CX on Premise or in the cloud here.


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